Ways I Read


I read Tarot for myself regarding my own dog, and I read for friends’ and clients’ pets, too. You’re likely to have specific questions regarding your pet, so please, simply have a series of questions ready.


CELTIC CROSS – a form that works great for focusing on the details of different aspects of your life, relationship(s), or the question(s) you ask. I use the traditional 10-card spread with 2 clarifying cards for each, and more if needed, making the spread at least 30 cards. The positions are: your current energy; your focus, obstacle, or goal; your deep past or pattern; your recent past; your guidance, pure presence, or essential self; your near future; your own conscious or unconscious feelings & thoughts; someone in your environment; your challenge; the outcome.

RELATIONSHIP – a 6-card form that grows with clarifying cards and questions we may ask for as long as you have questions. Asking questions may help the reading dive deeper.

QUICK 2-CARD answers to your specific questions.

KELLY’S CROSS or THE KITE – I developed a spread that grew from the 2-card quick answers. I throw the 2 cards that tell a story. Then 2 more to clarify the first 2. Then 1 for the overall energy. Then a longer tail of cards coming down from that overall card, as many as I need, 1, 2, 3, or more. I find that once I’ve told the story and confirmed it, I’m naturally drawn to making an overall statement. That takes us higher and makes things clear. Once up there, I tend to throw a few more cards in succession to keep that high, clear flow going while everything is making so much sense. The formation works great for my reading style; it simply developed naturally over time. The final form resembles a small cross or a kite if there are lots of cards at the end trailing down and off to the side.

I’ve noticed that a combination of all of these spreads is usually best and can help the reading play out organically.